Board of Road Commissioners

The Ottawa County Road Commission is governed by a five (5) member Board of Road Commissioners that are appointed by the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners for a six-year term each. At least one member is appointed every two years.

Although the Board is appointed by the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, the Road Commission is separate from county general government. The Board establishes policies and administers the annual budget for the Road Commission.

Board Meetings

The Board meets every two weeks on Thursday, at 9:00 a.m. (unless otherwise noted in the schedule). The meetings are held in the Boardroom at the Road Commission’s administrative facility located at 14110 Lakeshore Drive, Grand Haven, Michigan 49417.

Special meetings are held throughout the year to discuss specific topics. The Board of Road Commissioners is responsible for approval of the annual budget, acceptance of bids, authorization of expenditures, adoption of policies, approval of contracts and agreements, and other policy matters.

2020 Meeting Schedule 

Public Hearings

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Jan 9: Agenda  Minutes
Jan 23: Agenda  Minutes
Feb 6: Agenda  Minutes
Feb 20: Agenda  Minutes
Mar 6: Agenda  Minutes
Mar 20: Agenda  Minutes
Apr 3: Agenda  Minutes
Apr 17: Agenda  Minutes
May 1: Agenda  Minutes
May 15: Agenda  Minutes
May 29: Agenda  Minutes
June 12: Agenda  Minutes
June 26: Agenda  Minutes
July 10: Agenda  Minutes
July 24: Agenda  Minutes
August 7: Agenda  Minutes
August 19: Agenda  Minutes
September 4: Agenda  Minutes
September 18: Agenda  Minutes
October 2: Agenda  Minutes
October 16: Agenda  Minutes
October 30: Agenda  Minutes
November 13: Agenda  Minutes
November 26: Agenda  Minutes
December 11: Agenda  Minutes
Jan 10: Agenda   Minutes
Jan 24: Agenda   Minutes
Feb 7: Agenda   Minutes
Feb 21: Agenda   Minutes
Mar 8: Agenda   Minutes
Mar 21: Agenda   Minutes
Apr 4: Agenda   Minutes
Apr 18: Agenda   Minutes
May 2: Agenda   Minutes
May 16: Agenda   Minutes
May 30: Agenda   Minutes
Jun 13: Agenda   Minutes
Jun 27: Agenda   Minutes
Jul 11: Agenda   Minutes
Jul 25: Agenda   Minutes
Aug 8: Agenda   Minutes
Aug 22: Agenda   Minutes
Sep 12: Agenda   Minutes
Sep 19: Agenda   Minutes
Oct 3: Agenda   Minutes
Oct 17: Agenda   Minutes
Oct 31: Agenda   Minutes
Nov 14: Agenda   Minutes
Nov 25: Minutes – Workshop
Nov 27: Minutes   Agenda
Dec 12: Agenda   Minutes
Jan 12: Agenda  Minutes
Jan 26: Agenda  Minutes
Feb 9: Agenda  Minutes
Feb 23: Agenda  Minutes
Mar 9: Agenda  Minutes
Mar 22: Agenda  Minutes
Apr 5: Agenda  Minutes
Apr 19: Agenda  Minutes
May 3: Agenda  Minutes
May 17: Agenda  Minutes
May 31: Agenda  Minutes
Jun 14: Agenda  Minutes
Jun 28: Agenda  Minutes
Jul 12: Agenda  Minutes
Jul 26: Agenda  Minutes
Aug 9: Agenda  Minutes
Aug 23: Agenda  Minutes
Sep 6: Agenda  Minutes
Sep 20: Agenda  Minutes
Oct 4: Agenda  Minutes
Oct 18: Agenda  Minutes
Nov 1: Agenda  Minutes
Nov 15: Agenda  Minutes
Nov 29: Agenda  Minutes
Dec 13: Agenda  Minutes

Board of Road Commissioners

Betty Gajewski, Chair
(616) 677-1643

Jim Miedema, Vice Chair
(616) 291-2724

Tom Elhart, Member
(616) 836-1866

Tom Bird, Member
(616) 738-5091

Timothy Grifhorst, Member
(616) 485-5921

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