Financial Information

OCRC Main Office Lobby Closed Effective 11/17/20

Financial Information


The main and largest revenue source for the OCRC comes from the State of Michigan through Public Act 51 of 1951.

Michigan PA 51 guides the State in the collection and disbursement of the fuel tax, vehicle registration, and vehicle weight taxes that are deposited in the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF). The funds the OCRC receives from the MTF are primarily utilized to maintain the county’s state-certified road system.
2019 MTF Analysis
PA 51 further defines how funds are distributed to and spent by road agencies, and classifies them as either Primary Roads — higher traffic volume roadways that balance mobility and land access — or Local Roads, lower traffic volume roads that provide limited mobility, and provide access to residential areas, businesses, and farms.Other sources of road funding include Countywide Millage, Township Contributions, and Federal Grants.

Understanding Road Funding