Cottonwood Drive Reconstruction

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Cottonwood Drive to stay closed for winter

The closure for the Cottonwood Drive reconstruction project will remain in place for the duration of the winter and into the spring.

Unfortunately, due to the impact of the labor dispute between the Michigan Transportation and Infrastructure Association and the Operating Engineer’s Local 324 earlier this year, as well as the onset of the winter weather, work on completing the paving of Cottonwood Drive will not be finished this year.

Cottonwood Drive between Baldwin Street and Bauer Road remains closed to through traffic until crews return in the spring to finish paving the top course of asphalt.

For those who live and work within the project limits, access will be maintained during the winter months, and the Ottawa County Road Commission will provide winter maintenance on the road.

Paving contractors have finished placing the base and leveling course of asphalt on the road, and temporary lane markings have been put in place to allow the local traffic to use one lane in each direction, plus a center turn lane.

The existing barricades will be moved on Cottonwood to improve the flow of traffic and accessibility for those living and doing business within the project limits. This includes the removal of the temporary closure at Village Lane and moving the Cottonwood closure at Bauer Road to the south of the intersection.

As Cottonwood Drive is still closed to through traffic, we ask for everyone’s cooperation and safety in spreading the word that those who do not live within the project limits should take the posted detours, which is Baldwin Street to 20th Avenue to Bauer Road.

We also remind motorists to follow all posted speed limits while the road remains closed.

Residents should be reminded that mailboxes will be maintained on the westerly side of the road for the winter months, and we also ask that those who use a private plow service, relay to them to be careful not to damage the curb while plowing this winter.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work through this project, and are eager to return in the spring to finish up work on this project.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I live/work/need to do business along the stretch of Cottonwood Drive that’s closed. Can I still use this road to get to these locations?

A: Yes. If you have a home or business along Cottonwood Drive, need to do business along Cottonwood Drive, or live on a side street that accesses Cottonwood Drive between Baldwin and Bauer, you can use the road this winter. We will be removing the barricade at Village Lane for the winter in order to improve access for people who live within or need to access the project limits, and also shifting the barricade north of Bauer road to the south.  People that need to access areas north of Bauer Road are asked to use the posted detours that have been in place for the duration of the project.

Q: Why is the road closed to through traffic? Why can’t the Ottawa County Road Commission open the road to everyone until work starts up again in the spring?

A: Because the road is not finished, the asphalt is not level with the concrete curb. If we get a lot of rain, this will cause water over the road, leading to driving hazards. Same if we get a lot of snow melt. By keeping the road closed, we can keep the road open to local traffic so that people in the affected project area can still access their homes and local businesses.

Q: I live just north of Bauer Road off of Cottonwood Drive. Will I be able to access Bauer this winter?

A: Yes. To improve access this winter, we are moving the barricade that is north of Bauer Road to just south of the Cottonwood/Bauer intersection. This will allow those who live and work in this area the ability to access Bauer Road and other areas to the west.

Q: Why can’t the work be finished this year? The weather forecast seems fine, and workers should be able to go out there and get this done.

A: We wish that crews could continue this project and get it done this year, however there is still some work that needs to be done before we can top the road with asphalt. This includes raising roughly 40 manhole castings along Cottonwood Drive. Being that we live on the Lakeshore, the weather conditions can change rapidly. While conditions may be good now, we may end up half way through the process of raising these castings and have to stop because of inclement weather. If this happened, and we didn’t get the top layer of asphalt down, we would not be able to plow the road for the winter. And this doesn’t factor in the fact that asphalt plants are now closed for the season, which means we wouldn’t be able to get product for the job.

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