General Questions

How do I make a service request?
How do I obtain a county road map?
What to do if there is a dead animal in the road?
What are “All-Season” roads?
Where do I get the local weather conditions?
Who takes care of street lights?
Who maintains railroad crossings?
What is the road right-of-way?
Who is responsible for constructing and maintaining sidewalks and paths?
How does the Road Commission receive funding?
Where and what type of mailbox can be installed in the right-of-way?
Is the Road Commission responsible for state highways?
How to request a road abandonment?
How are roads selected for paving?
How do I make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request?

Ottawa County Road Commission
14110 Lakeshore Drive • Grand Haven, MI 49417
P: (616) 842-5400 • F: (616) 850-7237