Permits & Fees

Oxcart Permit Systems LogoThe Ottawa County Road Commission is now utilizing Oxcart to apply, process, issue and pay for all transportation-related permits. Nominal convenience fees will be automatically added to your payment for use of Oxcart and credit card payment.

Please note: If you are bonding a road for a seasonal move, a cashier’s check must be submitted directly to the Special Services Department and should not be included with the online payment.

Apply For Permit

The Special Services Department reviews and administers all permit applications. A permit is required from the Road Commission for any and all work being conducted within the road right-of-way, including utilities, and oversize and overweight vehicles.

Transportation permit applications should be completed online using Oxcart Permit Systems and in accordance with our Procedures and Regulations for Permitted Activities.  Permits that can be obtained are as follows:

  • Annual Transportation
  • Single Move
  • Super Move
  • Annual Mobile Home
  • Single Mobile Home
  • Seasonal
    • Agricultural
    • Milk Haul Route
    • Utility Non-emergency Exemption

Understanding Trucking Enforcement

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are weight restrictions placed on county roads each spring?

Seasonal weight restrictions are legal limits placed on the loads that trucks may carry. Roads thaw out from the top down each spring, and moisture is trapped on the surface. Heavy loads cause the deterioration of gravel and bituminous surfaces during this thawing period. During late winter and early spring when seasonal thawing occurs, the maximum allowable axle load and speed is reduced to prevent weather-related deterioration of roads.

Seasonal Weight Restriction Status (CRAM)

More questions? Contact the Special Services Department at or (616) 842-5400.